Table 4501

A table motifed with a 'Ji-gea'


Table 4501 and Table 5601 are a table designed with the shape and structure of Korean A-frame, a Korean traditional transportation carrier.


Product design



‘Ji-gea’ is a very simple structure, but because it uses the lever principle, it can lift heavy objects with little force.

Traditionally, Koreans used ‘Ji-gea’ to carry a lot of luggage. But it stands on the floor longer than it is used. It’s quite stable when you’re not using ‘Ji-gea’.

It is the wisdom of our ancestors that when using ‘Ji-gea’, no matter how much burden you load, it will never fall.

I tried to use the structure of a fork to make something that could hold a lot of weight. That’s the table. Next, I will design a series using this structure for various furniture or props such as a stool, desk, etc.