Mighty Bee

Harnessing the power of nature


MightyBee is an ethical company that delivers nature’s organic products to the market & people.

Their mission is to help people consume less processed products that are delivered right from trusted local sources from around the world. As the first mission to explore the world of trusted nature products, they introduced Nam Hom coconut water from the homeland of coconut, Thailand, to the UK.

F|D comissioned to develop the entire brand identity & packaging designs for all coconut water products in different ranges.


Art direction
Packaging design
Marketing strategy
Digital design
Website development


Art direction
Website design

Brand identity

Combining two concepts, ‘Luxury’ and ‘Nature’ is the key part to MightyBee’s identity. Their future business proposition was to become a house of brands that holds a variety of different products that help people live their lives better with genuine benefits. Hence the modern and versatile visual identity was needed to apply in myriad different situations; 2D to 3D and prints to digital.

Brand guidelines

To help the client sustain their consistant visual identity throughout all channels, I’ve created the brand guidelines that includes art direction and photography styles as well.