Laser Circular Pointer for Social Distancing


Design can have direct influence by presenting a way to solve social problems. It’s easy to think of a form of design, but in this situation, I think it can have a direct impact by presenting an efficient system or service. I think the model of a screening clinic, drive-through, is the result of such concerns.

Social distinctions are being implemented around the world to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, it is not easy to keep the recommended distance if you go outside. It is not easy to express one’s intention to stay away from others in a situation where one may be sensitive to the social and economic shrinkage, and it is not clear how far away it is to be, so we think it is difficult to follow the original rules of social distance practice. Therefore, we propose a simple idea to keep the original purpose and purpose of social distancing.


Product Design
3D Modeling


Product Design

Social idea

People shared interesting ideas on SNS that made it uncomfortable to talk close to each other.

It seems that so many people think that proper guidelines are necessary to keep the original purpose of social distancing. So we thought of a way to express this easily and simply.

Our idea

It is a band that marks the safe distance for effective social distance. If you wear a band around your head, you can laser the floor to mark the safe distance, and when the distance between people is narrowed, it gives you a warning through color.

Our idea was published in Noblesse man Magazine (May | Jun).